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022: Women in business: the importance of finding your soul tribe. Conversation with Amanda O’Reilly and Lisa LaJoie

July 4, 2019

In this episode, I sit down with Amanda O'Reilly, self-made 7 figure lifestyle entrepreneur and creator of the SHINE event being held this September 27, 2019, and Lisa LaJoie who is a certified coach, business intuitive and life strategist. We chat about the importance of finding your soul tribe especially for women in business.

We're not interested in telling you what to do, instead we want to guide you through your own journey of clearing out everything that isn’t you, activating deeper truths within so we can get to the core of your unconscious to reprogram it to vibrate on the same frequency as your vision and it all starts in this episode.

We chat about:

  • how to SHINE and be heard
  • the dangers of opening your energy centers and not understanding them
  • finding your safe space with your soul tribe
  • how to stay in who you are
  • unexpected spirit guides and my own personal journey
  • why NO is a complete sentence
  • the importance of energetic boundaries
  • giving yourself permission to be heard

....and soooooo much more good stuff!





YOU ARE THE AUTHOR OF THE STORY YOUR WRITING. Until all of your chapters are reviewed, improved, edited or rewritten altogether, your Book of Life won't read like your true story.

Learn more about the SHINE event September 27, 2019

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