The Limitless Life Podcast

021: Why trusting the universe is the secret to success - Conversation with Amira de Vera

June 20, 2019

Are you constantly trying to find external validation that you are making the right choices or on the right path? Tune into today's episode to find out why trusting the Universe is the real secret to success and how to tap into your own internal guidance system.

In today's episode, Amira de Vera and I discuss how following her gut and trusting the signs from the Universe has helped her create her amazingly successful business.

Amira is the founder and owner of Project Four Public Relations in Toronto.

Amira de Vera began her career in public relations in 2009 with an internship at an Entertainment and Lifestyle publicity firm in Toronto, Canada. There she was given the opportunity to work closely with some of the country's top talents and Hollywood's biggest film productions. After completing her internship, she was immediately hired on and her passion for entertainment publicity grew.

With over ten years of experience in the industry, Amira is well-known for her out of the box thinking and elevating her clients' brands to the next level.

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